• padel

    The company of the Scientific Park Applynano Solutions specialised in grafeno collaborates in the manufacture of shovels of pádel of high range (Published on 22/06/2016)

    Resistance, control, power and flexibility are some of the properties improved by the company of technological base (EBT) of the University of Alicante, Applynano Solutions, in the manufacture of shovels of pádel. It treats of the last technological challenge developed by this EBT, pertaining to the Scientific Park of Alicante, thanks to the wide experience of his team in projects of investigation and development oriented to the utilisation of nanomaterials in different industrial processes.


    The Scientific Park of Alicante creates the Network Cyted IBERINCU together with institutions of Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Costa Rica (Published on 21/06/2016)

    Beside institutions of Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Costa Rica, the Scientific Park of Alicante has constituted the Network Cyted IBERINCU, Network Iberoamericana for the Cooperation and the Strengthening of Incubators of Companies of Technological Base. This Network has like aim boost the processes of transfer of knowledge, the cooperation and synergy between his members by means of the exchange of best practices of technological gestión, gestión of the knowledge and copyright to promote the strengthening and consolidation of an ecosystem emprendedor and innovative that contribute to the sustainable development and to the competitiveness of the region.

  • CSEC 2015


    The European Contest of Navigation by Satellite (European Satellite Navigation Competition - ESNC) is an international contest of innovation that rewards the best ideas for the development of applications of navigation by satellite. Annually it looks for the best services, products and innovations that use the navigation by satellite in the daily life.

    The contest begins on 1 April 2016 and have until 30 June to present your projects

    In the Comunitat Valencian, the ESNC 2016 is organised by the Space Consortium Valencian  in collaboration with the five Scientific Parks Valencians. 

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  • Prizes promote V

    The UA and the Foundation Scientific Park of Alicante reward three projects in the V edition of the Prizes PROMOTE The initiative bets by innovative business ideas arisen in the university community and by the transfer of knowledge to the society (Published on 14/06/2016)

    Adhtech Solutions S.L., Godreams VR and Project Domofera are the three projects rewarded in the V Edition of the Prizes Promote. The act of delivery of prizes celebrated yesterday Monday and had the intervention of the cofundadora of the spin-off Straighten Devices, Beatriz Cerrolaza, that has offered the report %u201CHow be emprendedor and not dying in the attempt%u201D. Cerrolaza Has been recognised in 2015 like one of the ten emprendedoras Spanish of success by the magazine Emprendedores and mentioned by the MIT Technology Review by his path emprendedora, representative of a model of solid business and of success in Spain.

  • Get Lab

    The Scientific Park of Alicante inaugurates the spaces devoted to companies with the incorporation of a new EBT (Published on 14/06/2016)

    The Scientific Park of Alicante has put today under way the installations headed to house companies with the opening of the installations of the first of the five that is foreseen that they install in the next dates.

    Renewable beta Group has bet by the Scientific Park of Alicante to install his laboratory of R&D 2Get Lab and that this same morning has seen the light with the official inauguration by part of Manuel Dovecot, president of the Scientific Park and Joaquín Marhuenda, his director.

  • bio

    Bionostrum Pest Control achieves a help NEOTEC (Published on 16/05/2016)

    The company of technological base (EBT) BioNostrum Pest Control, arisen like spin off of the University of Alicante and pertaining to theScientific Park of Alicante, finishes to achieve one of the helps of the program NEOTEC that the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness concedes through the Centre of Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).

  • Ministry of tourism

    ANNOUNCEMENT EMPRENDETUR R&D 2016 (Published on 23/05/2016)

    Helps for the realisation of projects of R&D and models of business to companies that develop his activity in the tourist sector.

    Loans to fund projects and models of business that adecuen to the fields of technological scientific knowledge of the tourist sector.

    Term of presentation of applications: From 15/05/2016 until 14/07/2016


    PROGRAM INNOGLOBAL (Published on 23/05/2016)

    Destined helps to boost the business international cooperation in matter of R&D. It funds the participation of Spanish companies members of international consortiums that participate in the international programs contents in the Annex I of the announcement.

    Headed to companies válidamente constituted that have fiscal residence or a permanent establishment in Spain.

    Term of presentation of applications: From 26 May until 1 July 2016


    Day-Workshop Scientific Parks-CDTI:Apertura to new markets through the R&D: advice and helps for innovative projects (Published on 19/04/2016)

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  • Europe

    H2020 SME Innovation Associate. Matching SMEs and talented researchers (Published on 24/02/2016)

    The aim of this announcement is to facilitate the contracting by part of European SMEs of personnel highly skilled (doctors or equivalent) that are not available in his in his %u201Cnational market of work%u201D, but whose knowledges can be crucial for the growth/innovation of the company.

    It is a pilot project whose results will be evaluated at the end of the program.

    Term of presentation of applications until the 30/6/2016

  • neotec

    NEOTEC PROGRAM (Published on 12/02/2016)

    The Network of Technological Institutes of the Comunitat Valencian (REDIT), the Network of CEEIs of the Comunitat Valencian CEEIs CV, the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) and the Confederation of Business Organisations of the Comunitat Valencian (CIERVAL) organise together with the Centre for Industrial Technology Development (CDTI) this informative day to present the new announcement of finance 2015 that offers NEOTEC program opened last July 20 and close on October 6.

    According to resolution of January 15, 2016, it is extended from six to nine months the maximum period of resolution of the call.

  • Ministry

    Program ICEX-NEXT (Published on 21/01/2016)

    The helps regulated in this announcement have by purpose accelerate and consolidate the international growth of Spanish SMEs no exporting or exporters no consolidated that they have a competitive project.

    - Internacionalizar your business

    - Increase your external turnover and diversify your business risk

    - Improve your competitiveness globa

    Term of presentation of applications: Until 15 December 2016

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